Miss Nikki's Hair Bows & Accessories is a hair accessory company providing a special selection of girls, teens and young women's hair bows and accessories especially made to accentuate your luscious locks, silky straight, crowning glory & style.

Miss Nikki's Hair Bows & Accessories was founded in July 2010. It was at that point, Owner/Designer Nicole Logan decided that she was going to transition from chemically straightened hair (permed/relaxed hair) to her own natural hair. She collected all kinds of different headbands in all different colors but something was missing. She needed a little something extra, something that was cute but had a little flare. She searched high and low for unique hair accessories. She checked local Beauty Supply's and local stores, but didn’t find any hair accessories to meet her unique taste so she decided to make her own.  

Miss Nikki's Hair Bows & Accessories are for the the posh mom's, giggly girlie girls, fashion forward lovely ladies, and gorgeous diva's.

Miss Nikki's Hair Bows & Accessories puts the fun back in styling hair. Whether natural or relaxed, fine, thick, straight or curly, accessorizing is always fun.